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"Makeup Made Easy"
The Instructional Makeup Video for Crossdressers and Transgenders

The FemmeFever "Makeup Made Easy" DVD!!! 
After watching  you'll KNOW how to apply your own makeup from preparation to pretty!!

This video was produced by a cosmetologist using experience of  performing transformations EXCLUSIVELY for the male-to-female community for the past 8 years. This is one of the most insightful,  in-depth and enjoyable MUST HAVE instructional video for any crossdresser or transsexual.

Never before has a DVD been produced that actually SHOWS EACH makeup application with tips and helpful information ... From start to finish, including what tools and colors are right for you!

Why We Recommend This Product
  • Only ¥4,300
  • In Depth Instructional Tips and Applications
  • ALL you need to get started 
  • Chapters for concentration on each application or tip
  • Male-to-Female Models showing various ages and with specific needs in makeup application
  • DVD for TV or Computer viewing
  • Available in Both NTSC (USA viewing) & PAL (European Viewing)


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- For copyright reasons this video cannot be returned.

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Makeup Made Easy Video

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