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  • 眉用ブラシ
  • 眉 修正
  • 形を作るステンシル
  • アプリケーター
  • 説明書

薄茶 Light Brown

ダークブラウン Dark Brown

黒に近い茶 Black Brown

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Packed in a chic clear bag for easy travel and storage! Comes complete with instructions, three different reusable stencil types, a powder brush, shading powder, and powder sealant. Profesional make-up artist quality. Made in America.

What "The Brow Bag" Natural Eyebrow Shaping Kit Includes:
  • Brush on Brow Eyebrow Shading Powder
    Brush on Brow is a soft powder designed to shade and gently tint your eyebrows to match your hair color in a more natural, feminine way. Brush on Brow powders are a must for girls with hair or wigs in a different shade than their eyebrows. Combined with the eyebrow stencils for the perfect arch and an easy applicator brush, our Brush on Brow shading powder is sure to transform you in to a more feminine you!
  • Brow Fix Shading Powder Sealing Liquid
    Keep your brows 'fixed' with our sealing liquid. After using our eyebrow shading powder, simply brush our Brow Fix over your eyebrows for long-lasting wear and a natural, feminine look.
  • The Perfect Arch Eyebrow Shaping Stencils
    Give yourself the perfect arch without the frustration of creating your own arch by hand. Use our handy, well-designed stencils to achieve the perfect arch for your face shape, and simply reverse the stencil for a perfect match!

$29.95 usd
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